About Us

The R.H. is managed by the brothers Carmelo, Sergio, Sandro and Andrea Borsellino, in prosecution of a commercial tradition which is handed down from father to son for almost four generations.

Their father Giovanni, an unweary worker and proprietor of a famous butcher’s shop, has been a main character of Racalmuto’s economic-commercial sector from the after war period until the 90s, when the activity passed into the hands of his sons, who practice it still today, combining tradition and innovation.
In 1970, during one of his visits of the places, Luigi Veronelli, in his famous guide eno-gastronomy, mentioned the butcher’s shop “Borsellino” for one of the territory’s typical products, packed by Giovanni: “la stigliola”.

Beyond the material activity, also the business spirit and the non renounceable values, among which the abnegation and the promise, have been handed.

Therefore, from a just run-down structure, the brothers Borsellino with their families, animated by a common passion and pushed by a continuous research of innovation and novation, betted upon a hotel challenge in the context of a small town in the inland of Agrigento’s province.

Challenge that surely isn’t easy, without the conviction and the courage to believe that also this small gesture can contribute to the revival of a country of noble historical and cultural traditions.


we try every day to put on the customer, to welcome him as a friend and guest, to offer a climate spontaneous and family in which everyone, even away from home, can feel at ease.

We try to satisfy his needs, his needs, and where possible, his wishes.

We try to combine knowledge and tastes: the knowledge of the ancient tradition of Sicily, at the center of a path through which wind history, art, literature; the flavors of a land that still retains the originality of its products and the genuineness of their transformation.

All this we do it in a simple way, with humility and with our usual commitment and seriousness, trying to implement everything we have taught our parents.

This is our mission.


– Hotel offer a simple cheap and transparent, in the hope they leave an indelible mark of your stay,

– preference to the substance rather than the form,

– Promote culture and hospitality in a true community, true, full of a thousand stimuli and not far from the beauty of the Valley of the Temples and the extraordinary coastline of Scala dei Turchi,

– Make our customers satisfied.

Our philosophy:

“Make the customer feel at home, away from home”

Our reward:

The satisfaction of the client, so that each one, coming home, is unlikely to bring pleasant memories.

the greatest wish:

Returning our customers.