Sciascia Places to Visit in Racalmuto

In Racalmuto you find the Places of Sciascia, which are not few and very interesting to visit. Sciascia lived right in Racalmuto and in his writings he often celebrated Racalmuto, through his monuments, gastronomic specialties, and the meeting places of racalmutesi.

Luoghi di Sciascia

Places of Sciascia through his stories

The Places of Sciascia are all the places he frequented and those he mentioned in his writings. In this video by Salvatore Picone you can better understand what that means.


Among the places of Leonardo Sciascia we can list:

  • The Chiaramonte Castle, an imposing building overlooking the main square of the village, and which Sciascia often remembers.
  • The Church of Santa Maria del Monte, whose external staircase is cited by Sciascia when it tells of the mules’ rides to thank the Madonna. In this same church were the funeral of Sciascia (video)
  • The birthplace of Leonardo Sciascia that can be visited and is located next to the aforesaid church.
  • The Regina MargheritaTheater, which at the time Sciascia was a child was used as a cinema and often the little Leonardo was present.
  • The Union Circles (of the nobles once) and the Zolfatai and Salinai
  • The Commemorative Statue of Sciascia, in bronze that is along Via Garibaldi, and depicts Sciascia in the act of walking while holding the cigarette between his fingers.
  • The Sciascia Foundation is an ex-powerhouse that is elegantly restored.

We made a map (scaricabile da qui) with all the points of interest of Racalmuto including the Places of Sciascia.

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