Agrigento Hotels : The right choice just a few steps

Agrigento Hotels counts about 25. In Agrigento there are 5 stars, 14 4-star hotels, 6 3-star hotels, 2 2-star hotels. They are distributed in various parts of the city. Few are in the city center, some are in the Moses Village neighborhood, others in the San Leone Marine Quarter, and others in the Kaos district.

Agrigento hotels: Prices

Hotel Agrigento, prices do not depend much on location. Agrigento is not the type of town where the closer you get to the center the more the prices go up. The most expensive hotel is a 5 star, located in the Valley of the Temples. This hotel is housed in a historic building from which I enjoy the magnificent view of the Temple of Concordia and is surrounded by the countryside. It rises where in the past, at the time of ancient Akràgas, there were the residential neighborhoods of Greek settlers. Prices for a double depending on the season range from 200 to 1000 euros.

Hotel Agrigento 4 stars.  Most of the 4-star Agrigento hotels are located outside the town center of Agrigento, in the Villaggio Mosè and San Leone district. The 4-star hotels in Agrigento, on average, are medium-sized hotels, they can have pools, spa, gardens, meeting rooms and great restaurants. Prices average around 100 euros for a double.

Hotel Agrigento 3 Stars.  There are about six 3 star hotels in Agrigento. Some of them are in the city center, others in Village Moses and one in Contrada Kaos. Prices are lower than the four-star prices.

Agrigento Hotels

A stay in Agrigento is especially for visiting the Valle dei Templi, the charming Scala dei Turchi at Realmonte, Farm Cultural Park at Favara. But if you want to know the most authentic and traditional part of Sicily, you have to give yourself a stay in Racalmuto. 

Racalmuto, a great solution for visiting Agrigento

Racalmuto is a small village in the Sicilian hinterland, just a few kilometers from Agrigento, of Arab origin, preserving the memory of the cultures that have survived in the dialect, in the traditions, in the urban tracing and in the works of art.

At the heart of the most important Sicilian tourist itineraries, it offers its true image of a quiet country, s.l.m, sincerely hospitable.

The plateau of Racalmuto, about 450 meters s.l.m., has important salt mines and the now abandoned sulfur to the north; To the south, rich in water and fertile land, the land is intensely cultivated with vineyards, almond trees and olive trees, and is frequented by many holidaymakers who appreciate the fresh air and serenity of the hills.

In the historic center, around the majestic Chiaramontano Castle, there are numerous churches where several paintings by an important painter of the sixteenth century, Pietro D’Asaro, are being painted, which signed his canvases like Monocolus Racalmutensis.


Regalpetra Hotel is located in the heart of Racalmuto and a few steps from the main church, a quiet village where people live their daily lives, work, friends and family affections. Racalmuto is 20 km from Agrigento and all its attractions and is an oasis of freshness and peace with respect to the busy Agrigento.

festa del mote racalmuto
Vintage Image of the Feast of Madonna del Monte – Racalmuto.

Here you will not find any fleets of tourists except those who come to visit the Theater, the Castle and the Foundation of Leonardo Sciascia or come to the Feast of Our Lady of the Mount. Here you will find our guide  to find ideas and ideas to enjoy your stay in Racalmuto. Here you can download a PDF map of Racalmuto with points of interest.

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